December 11th, 2017: ProActive Workflows & Scheduling 7.33 is out!

Now includes:

  • Machine learning workflows catalog
  • Complete management of buckets at menu level
  • Better support of HostsFileBasedInfrastructure
  • Improvements on the Nodes & Task Recovery
  • Submit workflows in the catalog directly using the scheulderapi in any task
  • Ability to add a logo to any workflow

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ProActive Workflows & Scheduling

ProActive Parallel Suite Overview

ProActive Parallel Suite is an innovative project, member of the OW2 Open Source Community, for acceleration and orchestration of applications, seamlessly integrated with the management of high-performance Clouds (Private and Public with bursting capabilities).

ProActive Parallel Suite platforms features High-Performance Workflows and Application Parallelization, together with enterprise Scheduling and Orchestration coupled with the dynamic management of private Heterogeneous Grids and Clouds. With a ProActive platform, our users tackle at once the acceleration and orchestration of all demanding enterprise applications, and the management of their own Enterprise Cloud.

Professional support and services are delivered by ActiveEon company.

ProActive Workflows & Scheduling

Reduce execution time. Reduce infrastructure costs

  • Easy to use with web portals
  • Rich APIs: Java, REST, CLI
  • Extensible

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    ProActive Distributed Matlab, Scilab, R

    Accelerate Scientific and Statistical Computing

  • Parallelization for your toolbox
  • Integrated in your environment
  • Benefit from many resources: desktop, cluster and clouds

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    ProActive Cloud Automation

    Your Open Automation Platform to Optimize your IT operations

  • Automatic scaling
  • Ensure fault tolerance
  • Ease maintenance

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    ProActive Programming

    Java middleware for parallel and distributed computing

  • SPMD model
  • Fault tolerance
  • Java SDK

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