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Release Notes

Latest release: ProActive Workflows & Scheduling 7.30

We also provide a rewritten documentation, easier to read, with all required information in one place: http://doc.activeeon.com.

October 2017

  • Secure catalog by user groups
  • Job permissions per user groups
  • Fully configure Proactive in WAS
  • MAAS integration in the Connector-iaas
  • Centralize all workflows in a single place
  • Nodes Recovery
  • Scheduler-aware-rm-policy
  • Reorganised The Studio Menu
  • Added new workflows for anomaly detection on log files, and updated Image Analysis workflows for object segmentation in images.

August 11th, 2017

  • New Generic catalog with full workflows revision functionality
  • Workflow-catalog: bucket creation
  • Display of project names in scheduling portal
  • New security policy to give permission on job based on the user group
  • Job planner
  • Generic Information & Documentation in Studio
  • Documentation url for machine learning workflows
  • Editable Job Description, and an better display when activated
  • Bug fixes

May 16th, 2017

ProActive Workflows & Scheduling embeds all ProActive components to design workflows and execute them on distributed resources. The news release of ProActive 7.27 includes:

  • New user portal: Cloud Automation workflows
  • Job planner new service
  • Perl script engine
  • Models and quality checks for workflow variables at job submission
  • Restart and fix an in-error task an unlimited number of times
  • Native scheduler node source infrastructure policy
  • Extended Azure connector with Azure Stack integration
  • DevOps: workflow synchronization (import/export) between schedulers environments (dev, test, prod)

March 2017

  • New LDAP query task, available in Studio predefined tasks
  • Email validation and notification with LDAP connection users, groups, projects
  • Workflow Studio catalog with many new features
  • Remote visualization task: see example in Studio template
  • Resource management: new node locking and node unlocking features
  • Agile, DevOps: Workflow sync between schedulers Dev, Test, Prod, etc. with import/export
  • Declarative rule based model for workflow variables
  • Advanced task termination control for Bash and Python
  • File Trigger: new tasks for file event monitoring and job triggering (new file, new directory, file change, etc.)

January 2017

  • New powerful GraphQL data-fetching API: get read access to scheduling information from your ProActive Scheduler in an easy and efficient manner
  • Generic info interface upgraded with job variable and task variable definition features to improve user experience
  • New chaining of workflows added in the Control menu: "SubmitJobNoWait": submit a Job from the current one, and proceed to the next task without waiting for its completion (asynchronous submission); and "SubmitJobAndWait": submit a Job from the current one, then wait for its completion before proceeding to the next task (synchronous submission).

December 2016

  • Advanced error management policies
  • New email notifications options
  • Security reinforced on the selection/clean/fork scripts
  • Job variables now also available at task level

October 2016

  • Data management services integrated with Cloud storage and databases (AWS S3 and others)
  • Data cache within virtual machines in order to accelerate execution, while retaining data persistence
  • Multi-Cloud infrastructure deployment and management

September 2016

  • Studio tooltips
  • Manual tasks to send email and web notification messages and to pause Job until user validation
  • Notification portal to resume paused jobs
  • Amazon S3 plugin for file management with DataSpaces
  • Docker images now available for Scheduler and Resource Manager

July 2016

  • ProActive Meta Scheduler: ProActive Workflows & Scheduling can easily operate on HPC infrastructures as a metascheduler with all classic schedulers: LSF, PBS Pro, SGE, Slurm... To do that ProActive Scheduler tasks are submitted as sub-scheduler jobs

June 2016

  • Catalogs of Workflows and services fully integrated in Studio

April 2016

  • Check out our new feature for task error management! Control your job behavior in case of error with many predefined strategies including automatic and manual actions. Part of a workflow keeps on running while an error occurred in a branch. You can then fix the issue in the faulty branch and resume the whole job execution.

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